A sexy lunch in the city


First off, I want to say I did not cook this meal. Today after a much “needed” shopping spree I found myself starving in Union Square. I admit, that I am not a cute hungry girl. When my body tells me that it is time to eat, trust me IT IS TIME!

I had a few options…take the train home and cook something simple, get some takeout or really treat myself. I chose the latter. I have been wanting to dine at ABC Kitchen for at least a couple years now, but never went. Today I decided I was in the mood to go on a date with myself. So I did just that.

I sat at the bar and even though I was starving and craving anything and everything I decided to take my time and really read the menu. After some drooling, I ultimately decided that nothing would make me happier than to enjoy a pound and a half of lobster to myself. I ordered no sides and no alcohol. Instead I chose to order a delicious fresh beet ginger juice. I wanted to indulge, but still make healthy choices for myself.

I rarely go out to eat as I love to cook and rarely find that a restaurant can provide me with the happiness I can cook up at home. However, this was the sexiest lobster I have EVER tasted. It was drizzled with just enough melted butter, sprinkled with fresh herbs and heated with spicy chili flakes. The lemon pulled the flavors together beautifully. I enjoyed every last bite. I was full, but not stuffed. I ordered the perfect amount. The beet juice refreshed me and gave me the energy to push through the rest of my day. I look forward to recreating this lobster/fresh juice experience at home. Healthy is oh so sexy!


  1. As someone who traveled for my job, I constantly ate out and it was so difficult to make good choices when the aroma of French fries filling the air.
    Taking my time to read the menu. I think I’ll try that next time. That’s great advice.

  2. Stephanie

    Thank you Maria for sharing! I love the idea of recreating my favorite restaurant dishes at home!

  3. Lisette Leonard

    That lobster looked amazing! 🦂I myself can’t eat shellfish anymore but I remember how delish it could be. Love the idea to read the menu slowly and I would have never thought of beet juice. Great idea! Super foods can be super delicious 😋

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