An Ideal Weight?


What is an ideal weight? Is it what we see in fashion magazines? Is it the range our doctor says we should weigh according to our gender and our height? There are a lot conflicting opinions about this. Some people are for weighing yourself while others are against it. Personally, I think weighing yourself is fantastic. I have a scale in my bedroom and I use it on a daily basis. My view is that the scale helps to keep me on track and to remind me that while the number that appears on my scale is not important, maintaining my ideal weight is.

When I see my weight take a climb I know that it is time to recenter and reevaluate my cravings. I can do this by hitting the gym more, taking time to clear my mind and by making better food choices. Everyone’s ideal weight should be different because we are all unique. My ideal weight is fitting into my clothes just right and as a native Floridian that means feeling bikini ready anytime. Superficial reasons aside, maintaining your ideal weight is just plain good for your health.

Carrying extra weight has been normalized in many ways. I have heard people say it is unrealistic to weigh the same amount you did in college. Why is that? Did we grow much taller since our college years? I’m not saying that you need to weigh your college weight, but I don’t think it would be ludicrous if you did. Extra weight literally weighs us down. It makes us have less energy, feel tired easier and worsen existing health conditions and create new ones. How much extra weight are you carrying? Think about that as the weight alone. Imagine what it would feel like to carry a 10-20 pound dumbbell with you on a daily basis!! It is the same thing we are doing except the weight is attached to our bodies.

Maintaining our ideal weight is an act of self love. We all have cravings. There are times that I feel like if I don’t eat something really unhealthy I will die!! Sometimes it is a slice of pizza or a decadent slice of cheesecake. It is important to accept these cravings and to learn to practice self-control. This can be done by indulging while minding portion size or simply choosing a healthy alternative instead. I have many times heard others say that  when you choose to eat the burger without the bun or order the salad instead of the fries you are not truly “living.”

I get made fun of for this all the time. However it is the opposite! By staying in control you are not punishing yourself. You are loving yourself enough to make the right choice for your health. Do not get me wrong, sometimes I need a meal to be completely gluttonous. But I treat it the way it should be treated…a delicious and fun treat. Veggies, fruits, lean protein and healthy fats should be our staples. Once in a while let it go and eat the burger with the bun. We are only human and we only live once, but let’s make it a long, healthy and vibrant life!!!

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  1. Wow! Great message and well presented.

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