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New York City is transitioning from summer to fall…although a very beautiful time of year, the change is wreaking havoc on my allergies! I have been desperately trying to dodge the dreaded cold, but despite my efforts I have been a little under the weather lately. Anyone who knows me well knows this can have a pretty big impact on my mood. I have a definite tendency to worry too much..especially when it comes to my health. Lately, I have been struggling with fearful, negative thoughts. I would describe myself as bubbly and happy majority of the time, but when I do not feel my best I find it hard to keep my chin up.

Yesterday I found myself feeling very blue. I did not have the energy to workout or to accomplish the many things on my to do list. I knew I had to do something to get myself out of the funk I was in. I decided to go on the rooftop of my building for 5-10 minutes. The sunshine felt great, but I still had a pretty bad headache. I needed to try something else. I then decided to do something I had never done before-acupuncture!! It is covered by my insurance so why not? I made an appointment on a whim through zocdoc and chose a practitioner who was highly rated. It was such a wonderful experience. I truly feel it relaxed my body and my mind. Strange to think a complete stranger pricking you with a bunch of needles would be relaxing, but it was!! I swear!!

Today, I woke up with no headache and felt more vibrant than ever. I felt beautiful because I felt happy. It seems like such a cliche but happy people really are the most beautiful. Happiness is contagious and it is no surprise that everyone enjoys being around people who are positive and joyful. Today, I did all the things that bring me joy. I had a delicious breakfast and I did a challenging workout! Later on, I met a new friend for lunch. Although she is a model and has been on billboards that is not what makes her truly beautiful. She is so sweet, so upbeat and so much fun to be around!

No matter what we look like that is not what radiates from us. We choose how we perceive the world and we have control over our thoughts. It may not come natural to always think positively, but the mind is a muscle that deserves exercise too!! Be aware of your mood and your thoughts because ultimately who we are is the most beautiful thing we can offer. We are all the masters of our minds. Spread the love.



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  1. It’s always a beautiful thing when we relinquish our old ways and try something new. Anything new. This was a message I really needed today as I myself transition from some very unhealthy habits into something new.
    Acupuncture? That was brave!

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