Huevos Revueltos A la Maria

Buenos Dias!! Let’s talk about breakfast! First off, breakfast is my ALL TIME FAVORITE MEAL! It is THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF OUR DAY and I happen to take it very seriously. We all deserve to start our day by taking great care of ourselves. For those of you who do not speak Spanish, allow me to translate. Revuelto means scrambled and huevos are eggs. I actually learned the revuelto method of cooking eggs from my boyfriend who spent 5 years living in Chile. Even though I am the Latina in the relationship, he taught me something new about Latin cuisine. Not sure if it is a Cuban thing, but I did not grow up eating scrambled eggs. I always thought that was the gringo method ;)We were a fried egg everyday kind of household.

Now this revuelto method is hardly a method at all. It is easier and healthier than the traditional American scrambled eggs. No offense to my fellow Americanos, but I have never been a huge fan of scrambled eggs. I have been conditioned at a very young age to like my yolk runny. However, this revuelto is a winner because it satisfies yolk lovers like me and it wins over scrambled eggs enthusiasts. It is a hybrid of the two methods and makes everyone happy.

I made this breakfast recipe on the fly with my farmer’s market fresh ingredients and I couldn’t be more pleased!! Definitely an amazing revuelto I will make over and over again. Make breakfast a fun celebration!! Ask yourself…”how do I want to start my day? With a pop tart or with a fiesta in my mouth?” This will set the tone for the rest of your day, it doesn’t have to be complicated to be healthy and delicious. Take care and have a fantastic day!

*Just a note, if you have high cholesterol this recipe will be equally delicious with no yolks or by using less yolks. Make this breakfast creation your own!


  • 4 Large Organic Eggs (preferably pastured)
  • 1 Leek chopped
  • 2 Large Garlic Cloves minced or sliced thin
  • 6 Cremini Mushrooms (any mushroom will do)
  • 1 Bunch Chopped Organic Spinach
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Good Ol Sriracha Sauce


    1. In a medium sauce pan drizzle olive oil to coat your pan.
    2. Add mushrooms, leeks and garlic and turn heat to medium-high.
    3. Season veggies generously with salt and pepper.
    4. Once veggies are browned, crack 4 large fresh eggs directly in the pan on top of cooked veggies.
    5. Using your spatula, gently break apart whites of eggs to spread and keep yolks intact. This way the whites cook faster.
    6. Keep heat to medium high heat and wait until majority of the whites of the eggs are cooked.
    7. Season eggs with salt and pepper.
    8. Add chopped spinach on top of egg and veggie medley and drizzle sriracha on top generously.
    9. Very quickly, on medium high heat use your spatula to gently mix eggs and yolks in a VERY GENTLE scrambling motion. Cooking the whites but still keeping the yolks slightly runny.
    10. Quickly turn off the heat and serve revuelto immediately!
    11. Buen Provecho!!

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  1. This is a great recipe. It is the perfect combination of fried eggs, which I love, and scrambled, which don’t get much of a rise out of me. I do have cholesterol issues, not on meds so I am watching what and how I eat. The other thing is later in life I began to have a digestive reaction to runny yolks. So scrambled has been my choice. When I had the huevos revueltos I was so pleased. Maria is right, fiesta in my mouth. It has the full yolk flavor without the runny yolk consequences for me. Actually I prefer the huevos revueltos over my fried egg all time fave.

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