Almond & Apple Overnight Oats

Breakfast can be as simple as we want it to be! I am an egg lover and I generally choose savory over sweet any day of the week. However, I ran out of eggs yesterday and it looked so cold outside I couldn’t drag my booty to get to the store….so what did I do?? Improvised!! I had 4 delicious apples waiting to be eaten, a huge tin of oats waiting to be utilized, and almonds I forgot I even had. These three key ingredients plus some sexy spices made up an irresistible and nutritious breakfast. These overnight oats are delicious cold or warm depending on your mood and will keep you energized and full for hours. Plus if you make a few batches and separate into individual tupperware you have breakfast/snacks ready for later 🙂


  • Your favorite brand of oats
  • Organic whole milk
  • 1/2 of an organic apple
  • Nutmeg Seasoning
  • Cinnamon Seasoning
  • Handful of sliced almonds
  • Touch of agave syrup 


    1. In an individual portion sized tupperware pour halfway full with your favorite oats.
    2. Add 1/2 an apple cut into small cubes on top.
    3. Add a handful of sliced almonds.
    4. Season generously with nutmeg and cinnamon (I like a lot)
    5. Fill with milk until oats are soaked completely.
    6. Add a drizzle of agave syrup and stir all ingredients well with a spoon.
    7. Refrigerate overnight!
    8. In the morning your oats are done! Soft and delicious!! I put mine in a microwave safe bowl and heat for a minute and 15 seconds so that I have a nice warm bowl of oatmeal to enjoy!
    9. Enjoy!


  1. What is the calorie count on this?

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