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8 Minute Broiled Red Fish

I LOVE SEAFOOD! It is so delicious and SO HEALTHY. This recipe is incredibly easy and takes no time at all!! I used to bake my fish, but those days are long gone since I discovered broiling.. A’INT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR BAKING!! Broiling is the next best thing to a grill, […]

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Get your zen on!

Yoga is starting to become one of my most favorite forms of exercise. I never truly appreciated yoga before because it did not fit my definition of working out. Not to mention I couldn’t stop giggling in the classes (I have matured slightly since). I used to think of working […]

sexy food

Delicious Ramen Mushrooms

Oh Ramen, how I love you!!! My obsession with Ramen surprisingly stems from my childhood and not my college days.. I loved Ramen so much I would eat those cheap packets by choice almost every single day! I hope I do not die one day due to my longstanding addiction. […]

sexy food

Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs

As the weather cools down, I find myself craving warm, comforting meals. Today I had an intense craving for meatballs! I have never made them before in my life and I have always enjoyed them. I have started the tradition of going to the farmer’s market every Wednesday in Union […]

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Banana Berry Blast

I’ll admit it, I totally have a smoothie obsession!! Smoothies are great for an easy breakfast or when in need of a quick fix between meals. I like to make a big batch in the mornings or before bed (whenever I have time) that way I have liquid relief on […]

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Spicy Beanless Chili

I love chili!! All kinds of chili. I decided to make up my own version based on what I had in my fridge today. For the record, this is my go to method of cooking. I went to the farmer’s market in Union Square this week and picked out some […]

sexy smoothies

Berry Boost Smoothie

These past couple days in NYC have been chilly and bleak. Fall is here, but the color seems to be missing somewhere? I have noticed that many people around me have been affected by this change in weather. It is no secret that when the weather is gloomy, we can […]

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Paella a la Maria

At my former job, I worked as a nanny/personal chef/personal assistant. I wore many hats and I had a lot of fun because I love feeling productive and busy. One of my favorite hats to wear is my chef hat! I love being creative in the kitchen and it was […]